My Black History Showed Me Love

I wrote an article in Honor of Black History Month and Valentines Day – take a read and let us know what you think:

How fitting that February represents Love and Black History! Although my family history had its fair share of dysfunction – I chose and continue to choose to focus on the love and warmth I was given and how I can pay that forward. And when I think of black history and love together, I immediately visualize my grandmother, Luella Talmadge Jackson.

Grandma, born in 1907 was in a word „concerned“ – about her family, her beloved church home, and her community. Even though adversity seemed to continuously swirl in her path, she chose to focus on the positives and she paid that positive spirit forward – big time! She felt the need to help young people and desired to see them follow through, be disciplined and basically, „do the right thing.“ When you approached Grandma, you felt the need to straighten up, clean up, act right and do right. She laughed a lot and never seemed like she was depressed. She enjoyed her family but most of all, she loved God and showed love.

In 1990, when Grandma was inducted into the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame, I immediately realized what love was as I looked at the sea of family occupying the many rows -Grandma lived out 1 Corinthians 13. She showed:

o Patience

o Kindness

o Did not envy

o Did not boast

o Wasn’t too proud

o Was not rude

o Was not self-seeking

o Wasn’t easily angered

o Kept no record of wrongs

o Did not delight in evil but rejoiced with the truth

o Protected

o Trusted

o Hoped

o Persevered

As a result of her love, my family realized that love has no color! Even though she still called black folks „colored“ (smile) she did not discriminate on the basis of color. She loved everyone – just as Christ loved us!

Hmmm – I can’t help but wonder if adopting a loving attitude can improve your health? What do you think? Of course it can! Grandma surely lived Life to the Full – up to the ripe age of 98 years old and then one day, she went to sleep and went on to heaven!

If your New Years resolution is to Live Life to the Full – with bursting energy, a clear mind, a healthy heart and limber body – then live out the above love list! I guarantee depression sadness and overall despair will be a thing of the past. Stop keeping a mental list of wrongs, waiting for someone to say „I’m sorry,“ waiting to start a fight, and be easily angered and rude! Don’t be too proud to think this list does not apply to you. It applies to ALL of us – start loving your neighbor as yourself as Christ commands in Matthew 22:36-40 and see a huge improvement in your health.

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