Commit to Stay Fit For the Holidays!

When you think of the things in life that you are committed to, what comes to mind? Perhaps your thoughts turn to your spouse or significant other, your family, your faith, or your job. These are things that you are dedicated to right? Regardless of the day, the month, or the season you make ever effort to fulfill your obligations to these important components of your life. What about your health and fitness? The pledge to make healthy long term lifestyle changes is also a commitment that should not waiver with the season! If you think it’s impossible to enjoy the holidays AND stay loyal to your health and fitness goals, think again!

What does it mean to commit to a fit and healthy lifestyle? In my opinion it indicates that you recognize how important your health and fitness are as they pertain to every aspect of your life. You realize that by making healthy choices for your body you can achieve your fitness goals and improve your quality and quantity of life. It means that no matter what the time of year you are faithful in providing your body with proper exercise and nutrition in order to stay fit, healthy and strong year round!

During the holidays it can be easy to stray into unhealthy territory. Maybe you skip a workout or overindulge on sweets on a far too regular basis! Maybe you catch yourself making a million excuses why you simply can’t be healthy through the holidays. If you find yourself caught in this common holiday trap there is a simple solution to escape this mindset and get back on track.

First and foremost review your fitness goals and motivators. Take a moment to remember why you made the commitment to your health in the first place. Next you must remember that living fit and healthy does NOT mean deprivation. Practice moderation with your choices and you will not compromise your fitness goals. Go ahead! Enjoy the foods that are your favorites during the holidays just avoid overindulgence and unnecessary excess.

I will be the first to confess that I am already drooling at the thought of some of my favorite holiday temptations. But I’m not worried in the least about sabotaging my own personal goals because I have a plan of action! I will keep my portions small and share with a friend or family member. I will eat slowly and drink plenty of water so that I feel full and resist any urges to overdo it.

Remember that you possess the power of choice. You can choose to enjoy a wide variety of foods but keep your portions small. You can choose to keep food toppings on the side in order to save on calories. You can choose to add extra physical activities in throughout your day, or conduct a mini at home workout if you don’t have the time to make it to the gym. You can choose to listen to your body and stop eating when you are full! You can choose to make your health and fitness a high priority.

Holidays can be hectic, that is a given. Don’t stress if your‘ regular eating and exercise routine gets a bit jumbled in the midst of the hustle and bustle. This time of year your healthy living practice doesn’t have to be perfect, if there are days that you have a major lapse in your normal healthy habits just remember to start fresh on the next day.

Develop a plan of action ahead of time for obstacles that you may face over the next month or so. Visualize the situations that will prove challenging and see yourself gladly making the healthy choices. Envision how wonderful it will be to avoid the guilty feelings associated with overindulgence. Focus on how energized and revitalized you will feel going into the New Year without suffering any major fitness setbacks!

Your dedication to other important commitments in life doesn’t waiver during the holiday season so why should your pledge to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle be any different? Commit to be fit this holiday season, your body will thank you!

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