Anti Aging Products – Do They Keep You Young Or Just Hide Your Age?

The promises of anti aging products are very enticing.

With millennia of history that goes back from the earliest civilizations probing on the elixirs of life and beauty, various anti aging products have been introduced to the market.

From fruit and vegetable extracts to unthinkable plant concoctions and artificially prepared chemical mixtures with one or two elements like sodium which properties extend some benefit to rejuvenating the skin, archaeological findings reveal that Avocadoes were used as a Mayan beauty regimen while unearthed Egyptian papyri contained recipes of frankincense, Moringa oil mixtures, crushed grass juices, and fermented plant extracts usually applied externally.

Maybe they did work for them, considering how lush and green vegetation used to be, with all-natural and unpolluted sources of ingredients. With today’s current environmental situation, however, you will have to scour a rainforest or some barely trodden and desolate protected patch of land to farm in order to produce potent extracts and preparations.

With a lot of people from almost all directions coming to tell you to take this put on that, that this product can enhance or make you look younger, you just might be at risk of actually intoxicating yourself with all those chemicals and stuffs that are actually degenerative of your cells and doing specific regimens can disrupt your biorhythm.

There may be thousands of anti aging products out there to which users testify of getting to look younger or feeling younger after ingestion or application, but the point is, they may hide your age, but there could be some adverse effect, which of course, you won’t be experiencing until after your long-term use or until you stop taking that particular anti aging product.

Let us keep in mind that topical creams and oils care only skin-deep. No matter what you cover your birth suit with, your life is contained inside that one body which if fails, will render its appearance futile.

Life was created simple. Sometimes, going back to the basics does more help than riding on to sophisticated stuff. Nature provided us water. Many may not realize how beneficial water is to our body. Aside from its uses in washing our bodies, it can cool us and moisturize our skin without a corrosive effect when the weather is extremely hot-burnt skin whether by direct sunlight or mere exposure to extremely warm temperature kills skin cells, and makes it appear older with wrinkles and flakes.

Water is also the primary substance which the body needs, as the body, like the earth is made up of 70 parts water. Simply by ensuring the right amount and pH level of water intake, the body can gain optimal energy through the enhanced functions of the body systems such as the excretory systems, facilitating the washing away of surplus and waste like feces and perspiration.

The fountain of youth may not yet have been discovered, but the wisdom of the ages likewise renders us lessons, and drinking antioxidant water may just be the help your early aging body needs to be calibrated.

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