3 of the Best Throat Yeast Infection Treatments Around – Guaranteed to Clear That White Gunk Out!

Do you have a throat yeast infection that you want to get rid of?  Yeast infection of the throat is not a pleasant condition to have to live with, it leaves unsightly white blotches on the roof of your mouth and also gives you a white tongue.  That is something that others can see and they will just think you’re dirty and don’t brush your teeth, which is horrible.  So how can you get rid of this embarrassing yeast?  Here’s how:

1.     Cranberry Juice

One way to deal with a throat yeast infection is to drink more cranberry juice.  Cranberry juice has the ability to prevent yeast from sticking to the insides of your body.  If you drink this frequently, you will not only clear your mouth, but also your intestinal tract of any yeast.  Try drinking a glass a day and make sure it has no added sugar.

2.     The Garlic Treatment

This one is tough to swallow, but if you can stomach it, try it out.  Just cut out a slice from a clove of garlic and chew that raw, then wash it down with some milk.  The garlic contains natural anti-fungal agents which will get to work on the yeast inhabiting your mouth and body.

3.     Drink Buttermilk

Buttermilk is full of probiotics which are natural yeast fighting bacteria.  It may not be easy to find this stuff in your supermarket, but if you can get a hold of it, it’s golden.  Drink a cup or two of this a day to see the best results.

Now while these treatments will help you deal with your throat yeast infection, they will not get rid of the yeast for good, that’s because to do that, you need to kill the yeast spores.  If you find a treatment that kills off these spores though, you can essentially prevent all future yeast infections from occurring.

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